About Roma

Roma Table Italian Kitchen is an original concept of Collier Restaurant Group. Featuring a menu of elevated Italian dining in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Roma Table’s delectable options include stone hearth-baked pizzas, handmade pastas, and classic Italian entrees. Whether you’re planning a family dinner, a romantic night away, a business lunch, drinks after work, or that perfect special event for a large group — Roma Table is your delicious destination for the best Italian food in the Smokies.

Our Team

Roma Table team in front of brick wall
male staff member at Roma Table
Jacob Nanes

Meet Jacob Nanes, our General Manager, boasting over two decades of diverse experience in the hospitality industry. From starting out as a dishwasher to hosting guests, Jacob’s journey has been a thrilling ride. He proudly holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida, bringing a valuable skill set to the Roma Table management team.

Jacob’s passion lies in the collaborative Roma Table process, where brainstorming as a team and witnessing ideas materialize into reality is truly invigorating. When it comes to the menu, Jacob’s unequivocal favorite is pizza—every type, every topping.

When it’s time for a drink, Jacob’s go-to choice is the Gin Job. One of his most memorable moments during the Roma Table process was the final culmination of the menu.

Jacob is excited to share the Roma Table experience with an incredible team. He’s most pleased to bring everything together to ensure a remarkable dining experience for every guest.

man in Roma Table shirt and a hat
Josh Dockery

Introducing Josh Dockery, a true local, born and raised in our Smoky Mountains area. Josh’s journey has been quite diverse—he spent four years in heating and air immediately after high school and then dedicated almost a decade to the local telecommunications industry. On top of that, he has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry.

When it comes to the Roma Table implementation process, Josh finds immense joy in collaborating with the entire management team, including upper management. Being part of this cohesive unit is what truly excites him.

His ultimate menu choice? Josh’s top pick is unquestionably the Short Ribs with polenta. And when it’s time for a drink, he can’t resist a Tiramisu Martini.

Reflecting on the process, his most cherished memory was visiting a test kitchen in Charlotte to familiarize himself with the equipment that would be used.

Josh’s excitement brims with the prospect of offering a distinctive and unforgettable experience to our guests and the local community. Creating something truly one-of-a-kind for our Smoky Mountain area is fulfilling and exciting!

female staff mamber
Lauren Weeks

Meet Lauren Weeks, a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry, whose journey commenced at the age of 14. Starting as a table busser at Carvers Apple Orchard Restaurant in Cosby, TN, Lauren’s path led her to Sevierville, transitioning to the front of house where she embarked on her serving career. Concurrently, she’s passionately pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, setting her sights on future endeavors in law school. Lauren is a true team player, always assuring her coworkers that she will provide unwavering support in any and all circumstances!

In the process, Lauren found immense joy in collaborating with a stellar management team, gaining insights into both the Back of House (BOH) operations and relishing the delightful array of dishes. Her absolute favorite? The mushroom fettuccine pasta holds the crown, closely followed by the irresistible tiramisu, satisfying her cravings for sweets and coffee. As the current reigning Queen of Coffee for Roma Table, Lauren is our resident expert on all things related to the delicious brew.

Reflecting on the journey, Lauren’s cherished memory was witnessing the magnificent transformation of the old TGI Friday’s building into something new and stunning. She is truly excited to see the final design and installation.

Lauren is thrilled about showcasing to Sevier County the exceptional food and unparalleled hospitality that Roma Table is set to deliver.

man wearing roma table branded hat
Luis Solano

Meet Luis Solano, a dedicated professional in the culinary world, having started his journey with Collier Restaurant Group in 2000. Over the years, he’s accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, working alongside seasoned restaurant experts. Luis gained valuable insights during his tenure at TGI Fridays, learning the ins and outs of maintaining a successful restaurant. Confident in the team’s capabilities, he believes they possess all the essential elements for success.

Luis’s favorite aspect of Roma Table lies in the collaborative effort to craft a brand new menu from scratch. When it comes to the menu, he can’t pick just one favorite—his top choices include the ribeye, pizza, and, of course, the delicious tiramisu. Behind the bar, his go-to cocktail is the invigorating Blood Orange Margarita.

Reflecting on the process, Luis’s fondest memory revolves around the cooking process and witnessing the seamless assembly of everything coming together into a cohesive whole. As the back of house rally leader, Luis encourages our team through the intricate steps for each menu item so that our guests will have an excellent experience every time they visit.

Luis is eager to share how the investment of time and effort created something truly spectacular at Roma Table Italian Kitchen!

Dylan Longmire
Dylan Longmire

Meet Dylan Longmire, whose culinary journey began as a cook and swiftly earned a promotion thanks to the appreciation from a supportive manager. Here at Roma Table, Dylan leads our front of house team and handles all of our expo events.

Dylan’s knowledge of the intricacies of the Roma Table menu is invaluable to our team, and he thrives in sharing his expert knowledge with our team and our guests. As for that menu, his personal top choice might surprise you — it’s a large bowl of noodles featuring Alfredo. Off the menu, Dylan’s heart belongs to the Italian beef; he can’t get enough of that delicious dish. When it’s time for a drink, Dylan’s go-to cocktail is the tantalizing New Fashioned, a treat he savors with every sip.

What excites Dylan the most about the opening? It’s witnessing the contagious excitement in people’s faces as they prepare to experience something new and thrilling. For him, the anticipation of observing everyone’s enthusiasm is truly exhilarating.